[Yugoslav_wars] The Vladimir/UNESCO problem

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That was quite an extraordinary last session; your hotel safe house was
attacked by Wolfpack gang members with their silvered slasher gloves and
submachine guns with silver bullets. Faris was felled by a spray of these
bullets and then killed as Jana botched a magical attempt to heal,
followed by a botched transform that left her in dog form.

The city went crazy (or even crazier than usual) as the Wolfpack engaged
in a systemic attempt to wipe out all other rival gangs. Police and
militia were stretched to their limits.

The party went to Vladimir Broda's townhouse on Emile Zola road, easily
dispatching his guards. Ragos crashed through the roof of the house and
confronted Vladimir head on. It was a very quick and very bloody battle as
both character's expended Rage in an attempt to gain the upper hand.
Eventually with good luck, Ragos was successful albeit bloodied, and an
unconscious Vladimir was left in the party's hands.

Adrien will arriving shortly with UNESCO operates to bring back back some
Paleo-Eurasian Wolves. We can play this out via email rather than via a
face-to-face session. The following questions should be considered:

a) Who are you smuggling out as wolves?
b) What are you going to do with Vladimir?
c) How and when are you going to get away from the UNESCO offices in Geneva?

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