[HQ Ignorance] Scene 158: The Sorcerer's Castle

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Under Kalen's direction and King Azhur's command, Harajallenburg the
Walking Castle spurred into action. Even a modest pace with it's monstrous
stride, the Castle could manage several times the speed of a young or
elder race, and by the end of the day travelling west and south from Hot
Lake, the Fellowship reached Thunder Butte. The Fourth, who was well
travalled through these lands, the famous Endless Green Grasslands,
mentioned that the local Pent people were the Ten Arrows Tribes,
worshippers of the Four Winds, and the Butte was a holy landmark to these

Unsurprisingly there was a large gathering at the Butte, mostly a market
town, but with a good number of permanent structures. Naturally enough the
people were alarmed at a castle strolling past their holy site and town,
but the fact that it made no ill movements towards the town allayed their
concerns. As Yelm descended marking the end of another day and Xentha,
Goddess of Night, with her resplendent cloak, poured out from the
Underworld, Harajallenburg reduced its pace and continued to travel for a
few more hours, settling for the evening at the edge of Sirdaryo River.

The following morning, from the vantages of the parapets, the land had
changed. The endless green grasslands had become the endless yellow
grasslands. Heading south some forty leagues into the mid-afternoon the
Fellowship reached the foothills of the Celestial Eagle Hills, another
holy site of the Pentans, where the Star Captains, great spirits from Gods
War, provided light in those trouble times. Turning west, a tributary of
the Sirdaryo River was easily crossed at this point, and Harajallenburg
headed towards the Eleven Big Giant Mountains, where Orathorn, the
Sorcerer's Castle, was located.

It was another fifty leagues journey, and Harajallenburg only reached part
of the journey before settling for the night. It was not far from the
notorious Hellcrack, the most famous gorge in all of Glorantha,
well-believed to even offering a path to the Underworld, the home of the
walking dead, of demons, of spirit weak and powerful. Even Dead Gods end
up in the Underworld. To most surface dwellers, this is a a place famous
and terrifying, but to the Uz, including the trollkin, it was sacred. As
the rest of the Fellowship fell into a fearful sleep, initially punctuated
the howls of the occasional unknwon force that exited the Crack to the
surface world, the Trollkin began a sombre chant and prayers in the
direction of the origins of their Kin.

The following day it was a shorter journey to the Sorcerer's Castle. A few
leagues into the mountainside, then into dense woodlands. The path however
was clear, albeit overgrown and scarcely used. Harajallenburg's steps made
the path much wider, crushing foilage as it went; it was fortunate,
perhaps, that Icthya was now long gone. Then, the path widened into a
large clearing. In front of the the Harajallenburg, with the mountains
omniously behind it, was a huge Gothic style, at least as large as
Harajallenburg itself, as if the two constructions were staring each other
down. Nothing stirred from within, and ivy covered the walls. Although it
was in excellent condition, it seemed deserted.

And it was from this sight that King-elect Azhur, shook his head, a
disconcerting combination of surprise, horror, and homesickness. "By the
Saints", he muttered. "They're from the West. These sorcerers, far from
home in these barbarian lands, are of the one true Invisible God." He
paused before issuing an ironic laugh. "Well, I suppose we should just go
up and knock on the door! Or any other ideas?"

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